Farmor’s Waffles: The waffle recipe to end all waffle recipes

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There are only a handful of shopping days before International Waffle Day, March 25…Another opportunity for the Targets, the Kohls, the Macy’s to extend their hours for last minute shoppers, this time scrambling for pants with “stretchier” waistbands. I am sort of loving the moment that leggings and track pants are having in fashion lately. Thank god the gyms also have extended their hours; summer is only half a hemisphere away. This is just enough time to pack yourself silly with waffles and sweat off the evidence before you hit the beach. If you are going to be running some extra miles, they might as well be worth it, enter Norwegian waffles.

Norway, like many other countries have their own spin on waffles or “vafler.” Some countries use yeast, others milk, some only cream, and a few countries use more exotic ingredients like coconut milk. Those who follow special diets also have their own unique blends with nut-based milks, gluten free flours, and egg substitutes. The impatient, or “efficient,” waffle-lovers use toasters. It’s all good, but some waffles are more superior than others. Unlike Belgian waffles, Norwegian waffles are a lot softer and less dense. The sour cream also adds a little tang that makes them more interesting than their blander American cousin, relying mainly on milk as the main source of dairy ─ boring, like beige on beige with a touch of taupe. Frozen aisle versions have a purpose (Nutella or peanut butter shovel), but are also sort of crap, even if they are “whole grain.” “Lego my Eggo,” ─ sure, take the box, just leave me and the Nutella in peace. My farmor’s (father’s mother in Norwegian) waffle recipe is my favorite, so good you can eat them naked. Yes, stark naked, topless, nothing on…the waffle, mind out of the gutter please. Did I mention that they are also marvelous with whipped cream? Can waffles be sexy? I guess it depends on the cook and the company ─ it’s a versatile recipe, whisk with care.

Like most Norskes (Norwegian people), Farmor used a “vafler iorn” to make her waffles. These irons create adorable heart-shaped waffles, so even your burnt (“test”) waffles look like they were made with love…aawwww. Olivia, my daughter, in true teenage girl fashion, fancies rolling her eyes at these testaments of love. Sometimes, I am tempted to tell her that her face will stay that way, but she’s taken an anatomy course, so I will just endure for now. Like many moms, I had a special snotty-kid-reaction-bypass-button (SKRBB) inserted in my brain shortly after having my first child. The SKRBB translates all eye-rolling into “Thanks Mom” and “Yes, I would love more chores;” it was part of the hospital’s motherhood package. Lucky for this kid, her frosty behavior will not affect the waffles (or me), in fact, the waffles freeze amazingly well ─ winning.

Farmor’s Waffles

3 cups sifted flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1teaspoon of baking soda
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
1 pint of rich sour cream (none of that low-fat nonsense)
2 tablespoons of melted butter
1 pint of cold water
3 eggs, yolks and whites separated

Measure and sift all dry ingredients.
Beat yolks.
Add sour cream, butter, water, and stir together.
Next, add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients.
Beat egg whites until stiff.
Fold whites into the batter by hand.
Let mixture stand for at least 10-20 minutes.
Cook in “vafler iron” or waffle iron and save your toaster for toast.
*Serve hot or traditional Norwegian style, cold, with butter, Nutella 😊, butter and sugar, butter and jam, or butter and gjetost (Norwegian goat’s milk cheese). Consider making a double batch. The extras, as mentioned above, freeze well.

5 thoughts on “Farmor’s Waffles: The waffle recipe to end all waffle recipes

  1. NaNa Victoria

    I love your humor and I’m thinking that after classes are over I’m going to start trying out your recipes in my free time. Your blog is delicious!


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